Lexon Corporation

Founded in 2067 by George Lexon, the Lexon Corporation is a D-rated corporation (est. value of 3.29 Million ¥ for FY 2074) based in Tacoma of the Seattle Metroplex. The corporation serves as a telecomm and Matrix R&D, often contracted by other firms for consultation. Their goals, per CEO George Lexon, is to develop their own line of custom drones for both military and civilian use, and work directly with clients to do so.

"We feel our experience is enough to bring new and innovative ideas to the world. Our people and talent will ensure that, going forward, we are the go-to team for advancements in drone and Matrix technology." -George Lexon, interview with Seattle Wire, 23 April 2074.

The company lists 3 facilities on their Matrix site, with their main office located in Tacoma, a second in Everett, and a new facility opened in 2074 in Renton. Their current employee count is 193, with 18 registered engineers on staff.  They are also proud to announce their first Troll registered engineer and project manager, Payton Bond, who received his P.E. license for the Seattle Metroplex on 4 May 2075. 

Member of the FairMeta Council.

Lexon Corporation

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