House Rules

House Rules

Specialty rules unique to this game.

"Little did you know…"

Dictate a situation in the past that you have done to hopefully help your current situation, Ocean Eleven style. (Example: You may spend a point of edge during a chase down the hallway saying you've planted a remote mine just for situations like this. You'll then expend the mine in your inventory, roll to hide it and the GM will have to roll for the distracted guards to find your hidden mine to not get blown to smithereens.)  You can also use this to purchase items you forgot mid encounter.

Push the Limit

Add your Edge rating to your test, either before or after the roll. This can allow you to take tests that might otherwise have a dice pool of zero or less thanks to various modifiers in play. Using Edge in this way makes the Rule of Six come into play: for every 6 you roll, count it as a hit and then re-roll that die, adding any additional hits from the re-roll to your total. If you decide to use this function after your initial roll, only your Edge dice use the Rule of Six. This use of Edge also allows you to ignore any limit on your test.

Second Chance

Re-roll all dice that did not score a hit on a test roll. Second chance cannot be used to negate a glitch or critical glitch, it does not use the Rule of Six, and it has no effect on limits.

Seize the Initiative

Move to the top of the initiative order, regardless of your Initiative Score. If multiple characters spend Edge to go first in the same Combat Turn, those characters go before everybody else, in order of their initiative scores; subsequently, the other players and NPCs take their actions according to their Initiative Scores. This move to the top of the order lasts for the entire Combat Turn (meaning multiple Initiative Passes); you return to your normal place in Initative Order at the start of the following combat turn.

Lucky Move

Spend one Edge to use a Martial Art technique once per Combat Turn.

Miracle Shot

Spend one Edge to remove up to 4 in penalties from a Called Shot.

Look Out!

Spend an Edge and reduce your initiative by 5 to grant a fellow player Edge for their defense test.

Sixth Sense

Spend one Edge to receive a full Defense Test even when surprised.

Lucky Cover

Spend one Edge to find fortunate full cover.

Close Call

Either negate the effects of one glitch or turn a critical glitch into a glitch.

Dead Man's Trigger

When your character is about to fall unconscious or die, you can spend a point of Edge to make a Body + Willpower (3) Test. If you succeed, you may spend any remaining actions you have on a single action before your character blacks out.

Deal with the Devil

Players have the ability to make a deal with the Devil himself in exchange for things going their way ahead of time, though usually it comes at an additional cost. To make a deal with the devil, a character must decide how much karma they want to get in advance, and the Devil will provide said Karma for a cost, usually 25% rounded up. For example, asking the devil for 10 karma now will require paying the Devil back 13 karma in the future.  So long as the character owes the Devil karma, they cannot advance any other skills until they have paid the devil in full.

Rule of Cool

Once per session, a character may call down the Rule of Cool, where a player describes the action they are performing in great detail, often with a really cool guitar riffing in the background and massive explosions the player is too cool to look at. If the GM finds this action cool enough, the player may roll their normal dice pool but count 4s, 5s, and 6s towards their success.

Comedy of Errors

If a player rolls 4 or more glitchs during a session, they may invoke the Comedy of Errors, where they take a few minutes to get a drink, calm down, and come back to the table with +1 karma. Please note that a critical glitch resets this timer.

Take that back!

If a player does something monumentally stupid that all other members of the party are fairly certain is a bad idea (such as lying down in front of police and pretending to be an unconscious guard), another player can spend two points of Edge (or two players spend one Edge each) to stop and rewind the action and explain to the player why this action is a bad idea. This is a player to player version of Common Sense and can be used for up to 10 minutes of real play time (GM's discretion).  An individual player can also make a request to spend a point of Edge to reverse their last 5 minutes or the last initiative pass if in combat. The player is allowed up to 5 minutes to deliberate their actions, though they may not speak to other players for advice during this time.

House Rules

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