End of Mission

End of Mission

At the end of a mission the team may choose to Lay Low or Fight Back to reduce the heat on the team.

Laying Low

The team may choose to remove themselves from the public eye for some time to get rid of some heat. However, time isn't the only thing that can take someone's heat off your backs. The right words here, the correct bribes are also necessary.

The team may spend 10,000 nuyen + [highest clock] in months to reduce all clocks by 1. Yes, this means relationships you've built will also drop. You may also spend an additional 5,000 nuyen to reduce the time needed by 1 month up to a minium of 1 month. This expense include bribes, temporary alternate dwelling, travel, etc.

Fighting Back

Not all problems can be solved with time and money. Sometimes, you don't have the money, other times, you just need to make a statement and tell them to frag off. The best options are to find out what they know about you and erase or destroy that information, or attack their balance book and make it too expensive to pursue you. Either way, these are missions, unpaid missions. Then again, get creative and you can always find some nuyen in it.

The team declares that they are fighting back. Declare your objective and intent to the GM, negotiate what needs to happen and how much heat you're trying to remove, then jump straight into legwork!


While laying low, you can spend that time acquiring gear, relaxing, paying your rent, or if you're a more practical guy, do a bit of training.
Training Skill:
You may train a number of skills at one time equal to your LOG / 2 (round up)
Training Magic / Technomancy:
Spells / Complex forms: 1 weeks
Initiation: 1 month / grade
Adept Power: 2 weeks

End of Mission

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