Directives & Goals

Each character can have up to 2 directives and 2 goals. The GM and player discuss at the end of each session if the directives and goals have been met for potentially extra karma. 


Players may choose to take up to 2 directives to help set the tone and direction of the game. It is the GM's agenda to make the directives relevant to add tricky situations for the players to overcome.

  • Illustrious: Desire for fame draws unwanted attention to the mission.
  • Intimate: Your friend (or lover) is placed ahead of the mission.
  • Rejected: A former membership hinders the mission.
  • Vengeful: Harm against a particular person or group against mission goals.
  • Deceptive: Lies about a character's identity or past hinders the mission.
  • Financial: A character seeks extra nuyen while threatening the mission.
  • Network: Membership in a particular  group hinders the mission.
  • Protective: Responsibility to someone or a group is put ahead of the mission.
  • Revealing: Discovering information about a group or person.
  • Compassionate: Putting the weak and powerless ahead of the mission.
  • Filial: Taking the advice of someone even when it works against the mission.
  • Violent: Deliberately choosing the violent action over nonaggressive actions.

Each directive a player achieves can yield 1 extra karma if the GM agrees.


Goals are world building tools for characters. Each player with a goal who works towards that goal gains a mark, and upon completion gains karma equal to the number of marks on their goal  plus one before resetting to a new goal. 

Example: Joe's goal is to "infiltrate the triad" and "Find his brother". During a session, he uses his downtime to make a contact in the Triads and chummer up to them. He places a * next to his goal for making contact with the Triads. After a few more sessions, during downtime, Joe is able to talk his contact into vouching for him and getting him initiated into the Triads. He turns in his goal to the GM and gains 2 karma, before removing the "Infiltrate the Triad" goal and replacing it with a new goal. Goals can be changed, but all marks associated with them are removed if the goal has not been completed. 



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